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Happy or nervous about regulatory tsunami taking place in the financial wordl? Calm down, there's TSUNAVI which our team is happy to deliver.
Dr K. Korus will be speaking in many places around Europe in the coming weeks, including:


about us

We have assisted providers of payments, consumer finance and internet economy in absorbing regulations and improving internal business health, while remaining competitive at full business speed, since 2007. The objective and effect is always the same: to equip the business of the customer with the most efficient regulatory and governance framework to catch the opportunities that touch - and - go. With no single unit of effort spent more than is absolutely necessary.

Our founder CEO

Dr. Krzysztof Korus has a degree in law and business management and is an expert on legal compliance of new economy services with focus on the payment industry and e-commerce. For many years Krzysztof has been advising leading financial and trade institutions, industry bodies and policymakers in securing sound and prudent operation of providers and markets in the EU and elsewhere. A great enthusiast of new technologies and early adopter of innovations, he constantly searches for a way to make compliance challenges much more self-explanatory than they are now.



  • excellence: we guarantee outstanding regulatory knowledge of the area we advise on
  • confidentiality: we ensure total security of customer information and prevention of conflict 
  • understanding: we advise only on the business we understand perfectly how they work
  • value inside: we provide precise and comprehensive content with detailed operational guidance how the content should be implemented


tools & deliverables

  • structured approach to deliverables: preliminary assessment before accepting the assignement, explicit agreement on the general approach, tabled content
  • providing a compliance handbook: a unique compliance handbook is produced for each project in which the solutions adopted and their background are elaborated upon for future reference
  • validating implementation: we monitor the implementation of our deliverables available in the public domain including terms & conditions, screen flow, process




Contact us

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Warsaw, 00-876

T +48 12 410 07 47
F +48 12 410 07 48