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Ogrodowa 58
Warsaw, 00-876

T +48 12 410 07 47
F +48 12 410 07 48


Prudentiz is an organization of people, relations with businesses, regulators and policymakers and extensive information and work management tools. We are organized around common values of proficiency, efficiency, responsibility, transparency and commitment to provide unbeatable  care in the areas of compliance and prudent management of our customers. 

Regulatory compliance and prudent management are heavily dependent upon knowledge and experience. Knowledge of the regulations, understanding the policy goals and tools, and anticipating in practice the results of the proposed solutions is essential. No matter how committed the advisor is, without proficiency it does not work.

Written principles are mostly very tricky things. While language tends to be ambiguous, humans have figured no better way of conveying a message to recipients who are not in the same place at the same time. There is no limit to the amount of time that can be spent gaining an understanding of or polishing principles, looking for another source to help reach a final understanding, or predict results. At the same time the first 20% of time spent provides 80% of the final solution. The remaining time is only spent cross-checking and testing the initial concept against existing and hypothetical risks. Efficiency means perfect organisation of information sourcing, knowledge propagation, and structuring and industrialising the decision-making process.

We  constantly keep in mind that our customer will make real changes to their business following our advice. While we always fine tune our solutions to match the risk appetite of the customer, we never exceed our internal sense of acceptable risk. Where no usual or pretested solution is available we go hand-in-hand with the customer and share the risk of an unconventional solution. We pursue firmly the belief that where the regulatory context is uncertain it does not mean that the only alternative is not to proceed. Although we are never as close to the customer’s business as owners or managers, when testing our advice before dispatching we ask ourselves whether we would buy the business that has been structured following our advice.